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Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, as worn or damaged tyres and dramatically affect your cars safety and handling.

But not only are tyres a safety issue, if they don’t meet minimum legal requirements, you could be faced with a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre and 3 points on your license per tyre. Therefore it is extremely important to regularly check your tyres for tread, general condition and tyre pressure.
The tyre tread depth has a minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm throughout a continuous strip in the centre three quarters of the tread around the whole tyre. However even though this is the minimum legal requirement, it can affect driving when in the wet and at high speeds. Therefore it is recommended to change your tyres when they get down to around 3mm.

The correct tyre pressure is also very important. We recommend that you refer to your vehicle manufacturers handbook to ensure correct tyre pressure.
Over-inflated tyres can cause excessive wear along the centre of the tyre, and even affect the ride comfort in your car. On the other hand under-inflated tyres can cause faster wear on the tyre shoulders, higher fuel consumption, and also higher chance of impact damage when you hit a kerb or pothole.

We recommend that you check your tyres on average every couple of week for tyre wear, condition and pressure. Also especially before beginning a long journey.
However if you are a frequent driver and do higher mileage, you may wish to check your tyre more frequently.

Here at A1 Tyres and Exhausts we provide a whole range of tyre sizes and brands to meet your requirements. From budget, mid range and premium brands ensuring you get the right tyre for you.

If you have any concerns or simply want some advice for peace of mind, feel free to come and see us, and we will gladly check your tyres and give you the right advice, ensuring your vehicle is road legal and safe.

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